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Turn-In Options And Wear And Use Guide

While we encourage you to hit the road and explore the world, there are a few things we ask you to keep in mind. If youhave leased your MINI or financed the purchase of your MINI through our Owners Choice program, the condition and up keep of your MINI is your responsibility. But to help you be aware of how the lease return process works, we've put together the following Wear & Use Guidelines and a collection of videos.

Please Note:

In the guidelines below, certain damage to your MINI that we consider "Slight Problems" and "Big Problems" might be covered by your autoinsurance. So be sure to check with them before your lease-end.

- Lease End Option -

Option #1: Get Yourself A New MINI

Each and every MINI we build has its own distinct character, and one of the exciting aspects of leasing is that youget to enjoy the look, feel and experience of a brand new MINI more often.

Important Note: If you do decide to lease or purchase a new, custom-ordered MINI, we will be happy to extend the lease on your currentMINI for up to six months until the new one arrives (sorry, this option is not available to OwnersChoice customers). Also, please keep in mind that if your nextvehicle is a MINI leased or purchased through MINI Financial Services, we will be happy to waive the end-of-lease disposition fee on your current vehicle and thesecurity deposit on your new MINI.

Option #2: Keep Your Faithful Companion

Since most MINIs hold their value so well, hanging onto yours is a wise decision. You can either finance the totalamount due with MINI Financial Services, or simply send a cashier's check or certified funds to pay it off. If you decide to purchase your current MINI outright,you will be responsible for its residual value* any fees and taxes, and any past due payments or charges.

* The residual value is set forth in your original lease agreement. If you have questions, please contact us Monday thru Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm EST, Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm EST at 1-866-MINI-4-ME (1-866-646-4463).

Option #3: Turn In Your MINI And Bid Farewell

Of course, you also have the option of returning your MINI, taking care of business. Before your lease ends, weask that you follow the steps of our easy lease-end process explained on the Vehicle Turn-In page.

An important part of the vehicle turn-in process is the Vehicle Inspection. This inspection should take placeabout a month before you're due to turn in your MINI. You will be contacted by your MINI dealer or a 3rd party to schedule this inspection. It should help toanswer any questions you might have about what's accepted and what isn't. But you should also feel free to contact your MINI Dealer or one of our Lease-EndConsultants Monday thru Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm EST, Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm EST at 1-866-MINI-4-ME (1-866-646-4463). We'll be happy to help. Please note, ifyou have purchased an excess wear and tear protection plan, please refer back to your insurance documentation for claim submission procedures.

If you are an OwnersChoice customer and you choose to return your vehicle at the end of the contract you will be responsible for thesame vehicle turn-in process as our lease customers, so please refer to Vehicle Turn-In Process for complete details.

- Turn In Checklist -

Step #1: Notify Your MINI Dealer And MINI Financial Service

If you have decided to return your current MINI at the end of your lease, call your MINI Dealer and let them know. You should also schedule an inspection about a month prior to vehicle turn in.

For MINI Financial Services to facilitate a smooth turn-in process, it's important that you notify us of your decision to turn in yourvehicle. Approximately 60 days prior to lease end, we will contact you to confirm your plans.

Step #2: Have Your Vehicle Inspected By Your MINI Dealer

In order to provide complete and accurate closure to your current lease agreement, it is important that you completethe MINI Financial Services inspection process prior to turn-in.

We have designed our inspection process to be as convenient for you as possible. The inspection is a fair and impartialassessment that is designed to help you avoid surprises at lease end. The inspection process involves the following steps:

✔ As soon as you notify MINI Financial Services of your decision to turn in your vehicle, you will be contactedto schedule an inspection appointment that is convenient for you.

✔ The inspection of your vehicle will be performed according to the guidelines on the MINI Lease-EndInspection Form. Please click on the Wear and Use Guidelines for easy-to-understand examples.

✔   At your vehicle inspection, you will receive a detailed report of your vehicle and an itemized list of anycharges that will be assessed due to excessive wear and use.

✔   Important! If you have purchased an excess wear and tear protection plan, please refer back to yourinsurance documentation for claim submission procedures. And unless you plan to keep your current vehicle, you are required to complete the inspection process, evenif you have made arrangements to lease or purchase another new or pre-owned MINI. If you have any questions or concerns about the status or results of theinspection, please call one of our Lease-End Relationship Consultants at 1-800-959-4269.

Step #3: Make Any Needed Repairs

When making any repairs based on the findings of the inspection, we recommend that those repairs be made at anauthorized MINI Dealer prior to turn-in. Keep all repair receipts - one copy for you, one for your insurance company (if applicable) and one for your MINI Dealer atturn-in. We recommend that you call MINI Financial Services at 1-800-959-4269 with any repair information. Doing so will enable us to update your account records.This is also the time to process any insurance claims. In some cases, insurance companies may pay to replace a damaged windshield or other items. Be sure to checkwith your insurance company to see if any of the damage to your vehicle is covered under your policy and please refer back to your insurance documentation for claimsubmission procedures.

Scheduled maintenance is important!

You are required to have all scheduled maintenance performed on your MINI as detailed in your owner's lease guidelines. Please check yourService and Warranty Information booklet for specific scheduled maintenance requirements. If you return your vehicle and it indicates that service is required, you will be charged accordingly.

Don't forget to provide copies of all scheduled maintenance, repairs and insurance claims to your MINI Dealer at turn-in!

Step #4: Turn In Your MINI For Final Review And Notify Your MINI Dealer Of AnyRepairs To The Vehicle

After your vehicle inspection has been completed, the next step is to schedule a convenient time to turn in yourvehicle to your MINI Dealer. They will review the final inspection at that time, so remember to bring your MINI Lease-End Inspection Form along with all sets ofyour vehicle's keys and the maintenance book.

✔   Your MINI Dealer will then make a final review of the condition of your vehicle andconfirm any repairs you have made to the vehicle. In addition, he or she will complete the Federal Odometer Disclosure Statement.

✔   Both you and your MINI Dealer are required by law to sign a Federal OdometerDisclosure Statement.

Please keep a copy of the Federal Odometer Disclosure Statement for your records. This is your receipt that verifiesthat the turn-in process has been completed.

✔   You are responsible for any excess mileage and wear-and-use costs as indicated inyour lease agreement. In three to four weeks you will receive a final maturity statement, showing all final charges, which you can pay with a check or credit card.Damage not initially detected may also be charged, (e.g., frame or mechanical damage or alterations). Note: if you have purchased an excess wear and tear protectionplan, please refer back to your insurance documentation for claim submission procedures.

Immediately after you turn in your MINI, please contact one of our Lease-End Relationship Consultants at1-800-959-4269 to confirm turn-in details.

Step #5: Turn In Your License Plates

An important question that often pops up is "What do I do with the license plates?"

The answer, however, changes depending on where you live. So please check with your MINI Dealer or directly with yourDepartment of Motor Vehicles for your state's official license plate policies.

Most likely, your Department of Motor Vehicles will require that you or your MINI Dealer return the plates to the DMVor at least notify them to cancel the registration at lease end.

Important note: If you do not cancel or transfer the license plates as required by your state at the end of the lease,you remain liable after lease termination for all tickets, official fees and taxes billed on that vehicle. This is a critical step in your vehicle turn-in process!

To reduce your liability for future personal property/vehicle excise tax assessments in Connecticut and Massachusetts,a copy of the registration/plate cancellation receipt or transfer must be sent to Financial Services at:

MINI Financial Services
Attn: Tax Dept.
P.O. Box 3126
Dublin, Ohio 43016

These guidelines are designed to help you avoid any surprises when you turn in your vehicle at lease end.

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